Centrix @ Connect

Centrix @ Connect

Centrix at Connect - Derby Road, Liverpool

Centrix at Connect Business Village, Derby Road site is being developed to include Centrix Centre, a multi-let standalone office to house service offices, reception, cafeteria and adult training facilities and Half Crown Street, a number of industrial units with possible creche facility. Advanced Security Partners Ltd is appointed to design and implement an integrated security solution for the development to achieve Secured By Design accreditation.

The Developer has created a development concept at Centrix at Connect Business Village, Derby Road, to cater for a wide range of occupiers. Half Crown Street will incorporate small industrial units totalling 11,100 sq ft together with a 4,000 sq fit building capable of accommodating a creche/nursery facility.

Centrix Centre will be developed with 31,250 sq ft gross of 'stand-alone' offices together with a 9,300 sq ft office building that will house service offices, reception, cafeteria and adult training facilities within the Liverpool Area.

Working closely with the Project Managers, WCP Associates, and the Architect, DLA, Advanced Security Partners formulated an integrated solution that achieved the client's brief. In addition Advanced Security Partners coordinated the aim to achieve Secured By Design and constantly liaised with the local Architectural Liaison Officer and reported back to the Design Team accordingly to ensure the scheme would meet the criteria necessary to be awarded the accreditation.

Prior to finalising the security design Advanced Security Partners assessed a number of products to ensure maximum reliability with the minimum of maintenance. Site visits were undertaken to view the products working in a similar environment to that of Derby Road.

The security solution included external cameras to be strategically positioned to meet PSDB guidelines. The camera poles were selected for their modern aesthetics and serviceable solution and a public address system was integrated with the poles to alert intruders that they were being monitored. Careful consideration was given to the proposed lighting scheme to ensure best picture quality was achieved by the CCTV system and the landscape architecture was designed such that maximum coverage was achieved in all lighting conditions, all year round. A sliding gate controls access to the main entrance of the site and operates on time schedules. Out of hours access is allowed for authorised personnel via electronic key fobs to operate the sliding gate and access to units. The fobs are administered from a remote location. Barriers located at the entrance to the car park control visitor parking with communication to the concierge/reception via an intercom system. Tenant's gain access via presentation of their key fob to an access control reader situated adjacent to the barrier.

All security to the multi-let office building is controlled by the reception/concierge via a graphical user interface (GUI) system. A management system was interfaced into the GUI to allow the reception/concierge to manage the car parking spaces. In addition this system interfaced with the BMS to advise whether any problems existed with the services of the building, ie lifts, lighting etc.

An access system controls entry to the building with visitors gaining access via liaising with the reception/concierge via intercom. This intercom system is interfaced with the telephony system so that if there is no reply from the reception phone this links to a mobile to allow remote answering.

The CCTV controls are located on the reception desk to provide full selection and control of live and recorded camera information. All the cameras are recorded onto a digital video recorder. Consideration was taken to ensure that the system has the flexibility to be able to be monitored from virtually any commercial control room.

The concierge reception desk was strategically designed to allow the security equipment to be positioned to optimise work space and ease of use. The desk has a lockable roll top to secure all the equipment out of hours.

Detailed specifications, schematic diagrams and site plans were produced and a full tender package issued to the Project Manager for distribution.

Advanced Security Partners Ltd are novated to the Principal Contractor to undertake a technical supervision role and accept the final system on behalf of the Project Manager.


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